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Rock Cut State Park – Our First Time Winter Camping

Winter Camping at Rock Cut State Park When Julia and I decided to plan our first camping trip of the year for this weekend, the weather forecast was 60 – 70 degrees with a chance of rain.  As the week went on, the weatherman kept lowering and lowering the projected high temperature.  By the time […]

How to Baby Proof and Pet Proof Your RV Screen Door

If you have ever used an RV screen door, you probably know just how unsecured they really are. One firm jiggle or one hard push, and the doors will usually swing right open. Which is what happened to us one day last week. Julia was working on our Dinette Remodel Project, and looked away from […]

Checklist for Camping with a Baby (Free Download!)

If you are like us, you are having a hard time figuring out what you need to bring for your first camping trip with your baby. When I first starting looking, it was hard to find help, and it seemed like all of the checklists were very long and intimidating. Now that we’ve gone on […]

How To Pick The Perfect RV Campsite

No matter where it is you choose to camp, picking the perfect RV campsite can make or break your trip.  Knowing what to look for can help you have the perfect stay. Hookups Depending on what type of rig you have, you may want or need different hookups.  If your RV has small holding tanks, […]

Top 5 Travel Trailer Upgrades

Travel trailers are great, but sometimes they don’t come with all of the options that we need.  Here is a list of travel trailer upgrades that have made our trips more enjoyable.   LED Light Bulbs When we first purchased our 1984 Ford RV, we did not have a clue about RV electrical systems.  After […]

5 Essential Products For Camping With A Baby

Our top products for camping with a baby When Kyle and I first starting camping, it was so simple- grab some clothes, toothbrushes, some food, and hit the road. The first time we went camping with Ellie, I was so overwhelmed! I searched the internet for what we would need, and didn’t find much. I […]

It All Started With A Dog – Our First RV Adventure – Great Smoky Mountains

Hello everyone! We are Kyle And Julia Ganze: Husband and wife, father and mother, and partners on this crazy journey called life.  We have a one year old daughter (Ellie), two large dogs (Radar and Lily), and one crazy cat (Henry), and we LOVE to camp/travel. How it all began… Back in 2012, Julia was […]