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10 Gift Ideas for a Toddler Living in an RV

10 Gift Ideas for a Toddler Living in an RV We took off on our full time journey just one week after Ellie’s second birthday. Coming up with gift ideas for a toddler living in an RV was tough! We knew we didn’t have a lot of space, but we also knew that she needed […]

Safely Storing Important Documents in your RV – Fireproof Security Bag

Storing Important Documents in your RV   While moving our belongings into our RV this past week, I was trying to decide the best way to store some important documents that we will need to have with us while on the road. I wanted to purchase a fireproof safe, like this one,  but we simply […]

Camping With Your Dog – What Should You Bring?

Camping with Your Dog If you are like us, then you can’t imagine going on a camping trip without bringing your furry friend. If you are human, like us, then you have also forgotten to bring something with you on a trip. Today I am going to try to help make camping with your dog […]

The Best Solar Panel For Your RV on a Budget

This past April, we took a weekend camping trip to Ottawa Lake Campground  near Eagle, Wisconsin. It was kind of a last minute idea to go,  and the only sites available did not have electrical hookups.  I had just upgraded our camper to a two battery system, and we were only staying for two nights, […]

Palisades State Park Camping (South Dakota)

Palisades State Park After our stay at Badlands National Park this past June, we headed East to Palisades State Park in South Dakota.  A few days beforehand, I looked into places to stay for this night.  We knew of a few places that we could stay for free, like the Cabella’s in Mitchel, SD.  The […]

Governor Dodge State Park Camping With Dogs (WI)

Governor Dodge State Park Having two dogs means that we are always making our plans with them in mind.  When we found beautiful Governor Dodge State Park within 100 miles of our house, that is known for being dog friendly and having beautiful scenery, we had to check it out. Location Governor Dodge State Park […]

Rainy Day Camping Activities For Your Toddler (in a camper)

4 Rainy Day Camping Activities for your Toddler On our most recent trip to Mount Rushmore and Badlands National park, we dealt with a day rainy enough that we didn’t get to spend any time outside. There seems to be one of those on every trip! Sometimes, if you aren’t prepared with rainy day camping […]

Camping at Badlands National Park – Cedar Pass Campground

Badlands National Park Camping Badlands National Park was one of the destinations of our family vacation this year.  Neither Julia or I (or Ellie) had ever been to South Dakota, so we had no idea what to expect.  It was definitely something different than anything we have ever seen before. Location The Badlands National Park […]

Great River Bluffs State Park Camping (MN)

Great River Bluffs State Park Campground On the first night of our trip to Mount Rushmore and Badlands National Park this May, we stayed at the Great River Bluffs State Park Campground.  None of us had ever been to Minnesota before, so we were very excited to check it out! Location Located in the town of […]

Ottawa Lake Campground – Kettle Moraine State Forest (Wisconsin)

Ottawa Lake Campground A few weeks ago we loaded up and headed north, to Ottawa Lake Campground.  This campground is within the 22,000 acre Kettle Moraine State Forest Southern Unit.  We reserved a site several months ago, due to the popularity of this area.  And it sure was worth the wait!  If you would like […]