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Rainy Day Camping Activities For Your Toddler (in a camper)

4 Rainy Day Camping Activities for your Toddler On our most recent trip to Mount Rushmore and Badlands National park, we dealt with a day rainy enough that we didn’t get to spend any time outside. There seems to be one of those on every trip! Sometimes, if you aren’t prepared with rainy day camping […]

Checklist for Camping with a Baby (Free Download!)

If you are like us, you are having a hard time figuring out what you need to bring for your first camping trip with your baby. When I first starting looking, it was hard to find help, and it seemed like all of the checklists were very long and intimidating. Now that we’ve gone on […]

5 Essential Products For Camping With A Baby

Our top products for camping with a baby When Kyle and I first starting camping, it was so simple- grab some clothes, toothbrushes, some food, and hit the road. The first time we went camping with Ellie, I was so overwhelmed! I searched the internet for what we would need, and didn’t find much. I […]