FREE CAMPSITE ON THE BEACH! – Magnolia Beach, Port Lavaca, TX

Our destination for Thanksgiving last year was none other than the famous Magnolia Beach in Texas. We had never camped right on the beach before, so we were very excited to check this free campsite out!


The GPS coordinates for the exact spot that we stayed are 28°33’35.2″N 96°32’14.0″W .   Click here to open in Google Maps.

This free campsite is only 15 minutes from the town of Port Lavaca, where you can get gas, groceries, and whatever other supplies you may need.

Getting There

This free campsite is very easy to get to. While traveling on TX-316, turn onto Margie Tewmey rd and head North until the road ends. Turn right and when that road ends (it’s only one block) turn left. From there you will see the beach on your left. Just follow the signs and pull directly onto the beach!

When you get close, there is a sign pointing in the right direction


Although there are no water, power, or sewer hookups here, Magnolia Beach does have a few amenities.

There are plenty of garbage cans along the beach to dispose of your trash. There is also a restroom available that has running water.

Showers are attached to the restroom building, but as of our stay, all of them were closed.

Towards the middle of the beach there are several pavilions, which would come in handy on those hot summer days!

Our Experience

Not only had we never camped on a beach before, I had never even driven on one! To say I was a little nervous about getting stuck in the sand would be an understatement.

As it turns out, Magnolia Beach isn’t a typical sandy beach. It is actually comprised of crushed shells, which makes driving on it similar to driving on a gravel road. We had no issues at all.

Ellie having some fun fishing

We spent 4 nights, the third of which was Thanksgiving Day. A very nice gentleman (who we assume works for a restaurant, as he was wearing a hairnet), was going around with to-go boxes asking if anybody was in need of a Thanksgiving meal. We politely declined, but it made us smile knowing that someone was taking the time to do something like that.

The beach was never very busy during our stay, but we did notice an increase of campers as Friday rolled around.

It was cloudy a few days, so our Solar Panel didn’t help us much. Luckily we had our Ryobi Generator with us, so we were still able to have power.

Resting after a long day of playing on the beach

The only downside of this free campsite was the humidity in the mornings. Every morning anything we had left outside the night before was soaking wet! I guess that’s the price you pay for being right on the water.

If you are ever in Texas and looking for a free campsite on the beach, this one will not disappoint!

-Kyle G.

PS: Our next stop in Texas was also a very fun place to camp – Choke Canyon State Park.

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