After our stay at Buckskin Mountain State Park, we had six days before our reservation at Lake Havasu State Park. A few days back, we had driven by an area that had several RVs parked in it. We figured it was BLM land, and planned on checking it out. When we pulled in, we saw a sign stating that it was in fact Arizona State Trust Land.

According to, ” These lands were granted to the State under the provisions of the federal Enabling Act that provided for Arizona’s statehood in 1912. These lands are held in trust and managed for the sole purpose of generating revenues for the 13 State Trust land beneficiaries, the largest of which is Arizona’s K-12 education “

Camping here is not free, but very cheap. All you need to do is buy a permit that is good for one year. They are $15 for an individual, and $20 for a family and can be purchased here.


The GPS coordinates for the exact spot that we stayed are 34.3978557, -114.1730694 .   Click here to open in Google Maps.

This free campsite is only 17 miles South of Lake Havasu City, AZ. It is right off of US-95.

Getting There

The entrance to this cheap campsite is a little tricky to locate. There is only one entrance, and it is located on a 65 mph section on US-95.

I have calculated the exact distance from a few landmarks to make finding it easier.

The entrance is exactly 2.3 miles South of the entrance to Cattail Cove State Park, and 6.7 miles North of the Conoco gas station in Parker, AZ.

The exact GPS of the spot to turn in is 34.333056, -114.136323. Click here to open in Google Maps.

We liked this cheap campsite because it is a HUGE area with plenty of campsites. Some of them are near the entrance, on flat ground. Easy for any size rig to access. There are also some secluded campsites way up the hills for those with smaller rigs and 4 wheel drive.

An added bonus for this spot is that you have 360 degree mountain views and you can see Lake Havasu, just like this free campsite 3 miles North of here.

Our Experience

We stayed here for 6 days in January and it was warm with rain one day.

We picked this exact spot due to the privacy it gave us. There were several off road vehicles that drove by each day, but by each evening, it was very quiet.

We did a lot of walking/hiking, built a fire ring one day, and enjoyed a campfire cooked meal one night.


While this cheap campsite is not free, it’s close to it! Plus, after you purchase the permit, you gain access to all of the other AZ state trust lands for that whole year!

We will definitely stay here if we are ever in the area again!

-Kyle G.

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