We Moved Out of Our House to Live in an RV! – First Week on the Road

Our Story

Why we want to live in an RV


For those of you who don’t know us, we are Kyle, Julia, and Ellie Ganze.  We also have two large dogs, Radar and Lily, and a crazy cat named Henry. We currently own a house in Belvidere, IL.  Julia has lived in northern Illinois her whole life, and Kyle has for the past 20 years.  We got married 3 years ago after dating for 7 years prior to that.  We always knew we wanted to start a family.  Then, two years ago, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Ellie Grace.

Ever since that day, we have felt like we don’t get nearly enough time together as a family. 

We have always heard people say “Don’t blink.  Before you know it, your kid will be all grown up and moving out of the house.”  We realized that we wanted something more, something different than what was considered “normal”.

So, with a lot of planning, and a lot of money saving, we decided to make a huge change.

While Julia had already quit her job at the bank to be a stay at home mom, Kyle was still working as a mechanic at a car dealership.  He would come home tired every single day, with very little energy left to help out around the house and play with Ellie.

The next step to our plan was a huge one.  Kyle quit his job as a mechanic.  And one week ago, we moved out of our house and into our 26 foot travel trailer.

We are going to live in an RV and travel the country for a year!!

RVing is something that we already know we love to do, starting with our first ever RV road trip several years ago.  So, we figured, what better way to be close as a family and see this beautiful country that we live in.
Our first stop on our crazy adventure! Moraine View State Park in Le Roy, IL
While we have no idea what may happen in the next year, we know that it will be exciting. We also know that we will be together, and that is the whole reason that we decided to do this.
We would love to take you along with us on our journey!
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We would also love to hear from anybody who is doing something like this, or dreaming of something like this!

Our First Week

We left Northern Illinois and headed South.  Our goal for the week was to make it to Arkansas.

It was cold, but very beautiful!

There were a few cold (below freezing) nights that week, but we stayed warm with our electric heaters.

Our second stop was at Eldon Hazlet State Park in Carlyle, IL

We did our best to get outside and enjoy the fall colors, even if it was only for a few minutes at a time! Ellie got to enjoy many different playgrounds.

Ellie’s favorite part so far. All of the parks!

Only a few days in, we were greeted by our camping neighbors.  They came over to give us a bottle of BBQ sauce that they make and sell.  It was very nice of them, and it was also very delicious!  This was our first of many positive experiences with our fellow campers.

We have the best helper 🙂

After a short stay in Southern Missouri, we hit the road again.

Bootheel RV Park in Portageville, MO offered a gorgeous sunset the night we stayed.

After 6 days away from home and 500 miles of driving, we arrived at the Little Rock North KOA.  We decided to stay for 3 nights, and enjoy the full hookups and nice scenery.

We even met a couple working at this KOA that used to live in our hometown!

Next week, we will pack up and head for Texas!

We made a short video with highlights of the first week we live in an RV.  Enjoy!

Have an amazing day, and we hope to see you out there on the road!

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