10 Gift Ideas for a Toddler Living in an RV

10 Gift Ideas for a Toddler Living in an RV

We took off on our full time journey just one week after Ellie’s second birthday. Coming up with gift ideas for a toddler living in an RV was tough! We knew we didn’t have a lot of space, but we also knew that she needed to have some toys. This list is made of things that we asked for on Ellie’s birthday, and that we have had with us since we left, as well as some ideas we’ve come up with since then. They have all been easy to store, and played with often. I hope this list gives you some good gift ideas for a toddler living in an RV!

1. Magnetic Blocks

These are really popular right now, and for good reason. Kids seem to love them! These do not take up much space, and will will get use for a few years.

These ones are affordable, and don’t come with too many.

2. Fishing Pole

This is one that we have purchased since we’ve been on the road, and to say that Ellie loves it is an understatement. We’ve stayed on the water a few times, and she started to really want to join Kyle when he would fish. This is probably the most obvious gift idea for a toddler living in an RV, but we didn’t think of it right away!

This is the one that Ellie has. There are many different color and character options!

3. Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books

These are an absolute must have for car rides with a toddler, or even preschool aged child. If you are looking for a gift ideas for a toddler living in an RV with a family that moves frequently, you can’t go wrong with these. The parents will thank you!

This is a great set with different themes.

4. Baby Doll and Stroller

Having this has been really great while staying in different campgrounds where we are taking walks really regularly. While we love her curious heart, and take many walks where she stops to explore frequently… occasionally it is nice to bring this along and have her more focused on walking. Here is a link for just a stroller if the child already has a favorite doll.

This is a great simple set.

5. Play Doh

What toddler doesn’t love play doh! This doesn’t take up much space, and is great to entertain littles on days that you can’t get outside. This is always a great gift idea for a toddler living in an RV, a house, apartment, anywhere!

This is a great, small stater kit that comes with a storage bag.

6. Small Play Kitchen Set

Ellie’s play kitchen was her favorite thing in our sticks and bricks house. However, it’s just not practical to bring along a full sized play kitchen in an RV. We ended up making her a mini version for our camper, but if we hadn’t, we would have brought along something like this.

Perfect table top kitchen for a toddler living in a small space!

7. Bike

This is a bigger one, so you may want to check with the parents first, but we have gotten a lot of use out of Ellie’s bike. Not to mention she loves it! Riding bikes is such a typical camping activity, that it makes a great gift idea for a toddler who lives in an RV. The text below links to a variety of bikes, so you can choose one that would suit your child. I will link below to the exact bike Ellie has and loves.

This bike also comes in a “boy” color, if you don’t have a pink obsessed child like Ellie.

8. Pop Up Tent

These are great because they fold up so small, but have multiple uses. We’ve set it up on the slide inside the camper on a rainy day, outside for a bug-free picnic, and also on the beach for some shade.

While you can click the text above for many tent options, this one actually comes with pretend camp gear!

9. Back Pack

We hike as often as we can while traveling, and a small back pack for Ellie is definitely on our list for Christmas. They are perfect for a sippy cup and little snacks, but Ellie will love it for the random items she likes to collect, like rocks and leaves.

This one comes in multiple animals, and has a pocket for a water bottle.

10. Bucket and a Shovel

This is the simplest gift idea for a toddler living in an RV, but definitely the most popular here. Ellie literally plays with her bucket and shovel every day. She will use it for sand castles on the beach, digging in the dirt at the campsite, or walking around and collecting rocks and acorns.

This set comes with a rake and sifter as well.

That’s it for our list of gift ideas for a toddler living in an RV! Feel free to comment with any additional ideas!

-Julia G

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