Checklist for Camping with a Baby (Free Download!)

If you are like us, you are having a hard time figuring out what you need to bring for your first camping trip with your baby. When I first starting looking, it was hard to find help, and it seemed like all of the checklists were very long and intimidating. Now that we’ve gone on a few trips, I’ve come up with a checklist of things that we really need. I’m excited to share my checklist for camping with a baby with you all!

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  • Bottles
  • Formula
  • Pacifiers
  • High chair
  • Breast pump

Now, for us, this part of the checklist for camping with a baby is really just a high chair. Ellie never took a bottle or a pacifier, so we didn’t need any of the other things. However, I really believe this is all you need even if you are using bottles. We never even bother with little baby spoons, we just let Ellie use the plastic ones we use. We always have paper towels and washcloths in our kitchen, so there is no need for special burp cloths or wipes. Keeping your checklist for camping with a baby short is all about being resourceful with what you’re already bringing!

Ellie eating breakfast at a campground on Kentucky Lake


  • Onesies/Shirts
  • Pants
  • Socks/Shoes
  • Pajamas
  • Hat
  • Jacket
  • Swimsuit

I always make sure to pack at least a few extra of each clothing item. Camping is messy, and babies are messy, so you will likely need a change of clothes a few times! I pack as if we will need an extra outfit every other day. So, if the trip is 4 days long, I have 2 extra outfits. I also usually pack an extra pajama set as well. Pick your jacket based on the weather forecast. I like to err on the lighter side, because you can always wrap baby up in a blanket if needed. This is the one part of our checklist for camping with a baby where I may pack a little too much, but if you don’t have access to a washing machine, you may end up with a naked baby otherwise.


This is another list that is much smaller for us because we co sleep, and Ellie outgrew the need for a swaddle very young. We absolutely can not do a camping trip without our white noise machine though. Ellie sleeps with one at home also, but even if your baby doesn’t, you might want one for camping. You never know if you’re going to have loud neighbors, or if animals will be loud at night (see our tips for picking a perfect site  here to minimize that risk). The white noise machine will drown out those sounds so that your baby can sleep. Believe me when I say that your trip will not be as fun if baby doesn’t sleep! We use  this white noise machine because it can also run on battery if you happen to not have power. At only $18.99, its definitely worth it!


I have included a few links in the list above of our favorite playard, carrier, and jumper. You can find more details about these products in  this post. It took some searching to find those perfect products, but they really all are the best options for camping. I usually only pack a few toys because there is so much going on that they don’t get played with very much. I always bring a ring sling as well as a soft structured carrier, because it is nice to have for a quick carry. I love Wildbird for my ring slings because they carry linen, which is super cool. No associate link there, I just really love Wildbird! The slings are also all homemade by moms who work at home. All the love for this company.

Ellie napping in our Wildbird ring sling


  • Washcloths
  • Towels
  • Soap
  • Diapers (10 per day)
  • Baby wipes (20 per day)
  • Swim diaper

This is another area where some may say that I pack too much. You probably will not need 10 diapers per day and 20 wipes per day. However, these are not things that you want to run out of! We use a reusable swim diaper like  these because its more cost effective, and they take up less space. We actually use cloth diapers full time at home, but have always brought disposables camping. We are going to attempt cloth on our next camping trip, and we will let you know how that goes.

First aid

Depending on your child’s medical needs, this part of the checklist may change. These are the basics though, I believe. There are links up there for the bug spray and sunscreen that we use, but you may already have your preferences. Just be sure that you are buying products that are infant safe, and know that no bug spray or sunscreen is safe before 6 months. If your baby is younger than that, then just keep baby out of the sun, and use a mosquito net if need be.

I hope this checklist for camping with a baby was helpful for you! Feel free to comment if you think we forgot to include something. Don’t forget to download the free printable version of the checklist to have on hand while you pack.

-Julia G
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