How To Pick The Perfect RV Campsite

No matter where it is you choose to camp, picking the perfect RV campsite can make or break your trip.  Knowing what to look for can help you have the perfect stay.


Depending on what type of rig you have, you may want or need different hookups.  If your RV has small holding tanks, and you plan on staying for several days, you are going to want to make sure your site has water and sewer hook ups.

If you are camping on hot summer days, and have small children or pets (or in our case, both), you are going to need the proper electrical hookup to run the air conditioner.  Our camper has 30 amp hookup, which is the most common.  However, we stayed at an RV park last year that only had 50 amp hookups.  Luckily, they had an extra adapter that they allowed us to borrow, which made it possible to hook our rig up to power.

Camco 55175 RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter With PowerGrip Handle, 50 Amp Male To 30 Amp Female, 18-Inch

This is the adapter that I later bought, and keep in the camper at all times just in case


Another option, which is one that we prefer, is camping with no hookups at all.  Also referred to as “Boondocking” or “Dry Camping”.   This way of camping is a little more difficult, but it is definitely doable.   We have found that by  doing without power, water, or sewer hookups, we are able to camp in more private and spacious sites.  There are 2 more reasons why we prefer no hookup sites.  They are usually cheaper.  Also you have a better chance of being able to reserve a site when all of the electric / water sites are already booked.


Campsite amenities

We’ve camped at all sorts of places and dealt with a wide range of sites.  From level, cement parking pads with patio furniture and cable TV hookup, to uneven, dirt driveways and sagging fire pits.   These are things that we have learned to check into before we make reservations.

We prefer wooded/shaded sites, especially in the summer months.  This keeps our camper cool, and also offers some privacy so our dogs can be outside without barking every few minutes at people walking by.  One tool that I have found to be very helpful when trying to find the perfect RV campsite, is Google Earth.  If we’ve never been to a particular campground before, I like to look at the satellite view to see just how wooded a certain site is, or how close it is to the next site over.  It has helped numerous times as we would have chosen a site that was extremely close to the next one, but decided against it after doing more research.




In order to be considered the perfect RV campsite, you need to find one in a good location.  That has a different meaning for everybody.  Having an active daughter that loves to run and play, we like to try to be near the playground.  A perfect site for some people are any campsites overlooking a lake or river.

While being near the bathroom / shower house may seem like a great thing at first, you may notice increased foot traffic near or even through your site.  We have learned that being across the street is the best place to be if you want to be close to the bathrooms.

The spot we got for the 2017 Solar Eclipse! It was at Piney Campground, in The Land Between The Lakes Recreation Area, Tennessee. Kentucky Lake was just feet from our camper!

There is one last thing that we like to do at our local campgrounds.  During our stay, Julia, Ellie, the dogs, and I will go for several walks around the entire campground.  We bring a notepad with us, and whenever we see a site that looks like it would fit our needs, we write down the site number and a few notes.   That way, next time we are looking to camp in that area, we already have first hand information to help us pick our perfect RV campsite.

-Kyle G.


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